Meet the Team

Lockhart and Leith

George Lockhart


Growing up obese, I became interested in athletics and nutrition as a way to get in and stay in shape, which eventually led to a career in Mixed Martial Arts and a 10-year stint in the Marine Corps.
My obsession with fitness, nutrition and weight cut grew during my 4 years spent as a Martial Arts Center of Excellence trainer for instructors, and my weight cut techniques were fine-tuned while fighting professionally in 4 different weight classes.
My first high-level client was mentor and fellow Marine Brian Stann, and my skillset was greatly tested early on as I was tasked with engineering his cut from 205 to 185. Since then, I’ve had the honor of working with more than 100 UFC fighters, including 11 former or current World Champions.


• 10-year military career

• 2 combat tours of duty

• 4-year Martial Arts Center of Excellence instructor

• Combat Conditioning Trainer for instructors

• Navy Achievement Medal recipient for implementation of USMC nutrition curriculum

• TSAC (Tactical Strength and Conditioning) instructor in combat hydration


• Began fighting as a professional at the age of 18

• 11-7 record as a pro in 4 different weight classes

• American Fight League World Champion


• Perfected techniques while fighting professionally in 4 weight classes

• Client list includes MMA fighters, bodybuilders, Olympic athletesand several of Hollywood’s elite celebrities

• Years of experience working with more than 20% of the current UFC roster, including 11 current or former World Champions

Dan Leith


Daniel Leith is one of the fasted growing and most sought after weight management and performance nutritionists in the world. Recent clients include UFC Light Heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier 2 time UFC Heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez and UFC Middleweight champion Luke Rockhold and most recently Grammy nominated recording artist Demi Lovato. Daniel’s passion for nutrition and advocacy for safe weight cutting procedures, including oral rehydration and nutrient timing, flourished from growing up as a wrestler himself. Daniel experiencing first hand the very real danger involved in misunderstanding nutrition in weight class related sports. As a young man Daniel nearly died from renal failure while cutting weight for a wrestling tournament and has made it a personal mission to ensure others don’t make the same fatal mistakes he did. Daniel is a Marine Corps infantry veteran and Bronze Star recipient with Combat “V”.  During his time in the Marine Corps, he became the subject matter expert in nutrition, where he instructed thousands of officers and enlisted marines at the Martial Arts Center of Excellence in Quantico, Virginia for the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program. Daniel is a Certified Combat Conditioning and Nutrition Specialist and has trained under some of the best minds in Nutrition and Strength and Conditioning. Daniel continues to evolve and grow in this approach in order to provide the MMA community with highest quality and safest weight management system available in a way that fighters at every stage of the sport can afford and benefit from.

Tyler "Melee" Minton

Nutrition Expert

Tyler "Melee" Minton is one of the world's most successful and sought after nutritionist's among combat sport athletes. Since joining the ranks of Lockhart and Leith, Minton has successfully coached top UFC fighters including Daniel Cormier, Luke Rockhold, Chris Weidman, Khabib Nurmagomedov, and Max Holloway. A professional fighter himself, Tyler pairs his years of college education in nutrition and dietetics with more than a decade of personal weight cut experience Also a gym owner and strength and conditioning coach, Tyler uses his expertise of overall health and fitness to get fighters safely to the scale so that they may perform optimally in competition.


Tim Collins

Nutrition Expert


Robi Ramey

Director of IT


Tony Metcalfe 



Eric Triliegi

Nutrition Expert

Ian "Cheflarios" Larios

Nutrition Expert

Ian Larios, also known as Cheflarios,  is one of the youngest and most promising nutritionists in combat sports today. In his early teens Ian found his love of cooking and nutrition with the great fresh food in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This was around the same time Ian fell in love with MMA. Ian was then able to combine his passions for cooking along with MMA, Nutrition and merge these three disciplines together.
    At the young age of 24, Ian has worked with some of  the best fighters in Asia. Ian got his start with an opportunity to work alongside Miles Norris, who was the head chef at the famed Tiger Muay Thai in Phuket, Thailand. Taking full advantage of this tremendous opportunity Ian lived in the fighter dorms and worked directly with one of the best fight teams in Asia.
    Four months and countless successful weight cuts later, a chance encounter with a fighter from Long Island opened another incredible door for Ian. Andrew Leone, ONE championship's top contender at flyweight, (who happened to miss weight on two separate occasions before he met Ian) Andrew offered Ian a position as the weight management coach at his new gym, which was opening in Bali, Indonesia.
    Fast forward 2 years, Bali MMA is one of the top teams in Asia. With two #1 contenders in separate divisions Gianni Subba along with Leone. Ian also helped coach Tiffany Van Soest, who won the inaugural glory kickboxing belt in Germany in 2016.
 Working with fighters and successfully helping them make their weight in over 12 different countries, Ian is perfectly suited to take his expertise in nutrition and diverse cooking abilities anywhere in the world. Bali was home but when Lockhart and Leith showed interest in this young talent, Ian packed up his knifes and scales and flew back home to Reno, Nevada and began to pursue his dream of working with the best in the business.