The Lockhart and Leith Nutrition Certification course is program specializing in athlete meal planning and preparation, weight cuts, and rehydration.  During these classes you will learn about BMR, gut health, MET, weight cutting, reloading, supplementation, and many other techniques that we use to keep our clients performing at their optimum level.

Upcoming classes:

                         LAS VEGAS



FRIDAY                                      SATURDAY                               SUNDAY
12:00 PM- CHECK IN       8:00 AM- BREAKFAST      8:00 AM- BREAKFAST
1:00 PM- BMR                      9:00 AM- RELOAD               9:00 AM- WOMAN’S CYCLE
3:00 PM- GUT HEALTH  11:00 AM- CULINARY     10:30 AM- CULINARY
4:00 PM- CULINARY        12:30 PM- LUNCH             12:30 PM- LUNCH
5:30 PM- DINNER            2:00 PM- WEIGHT CUT     2:00 PM REVIEW/ CONCLUSION
6:30 PM- MET                     4:00 PM-BATH
8:30 PM- FREE TIME      6:00 PM- DINNER
                                                      7:30 PM- SUPPLEMENTATION
                                                      8:30 PM- FREE TIME

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