The next cert course is in Miami Florida January 25 - 27!

Elevate your business by learning the science and business skills that have made the Lockhart and Leith team successful at one of the highest levels!

This certification will discuss hormones, gender differences, energy balance and weight management, water cuts, supplementation, and most importantly, our battle-tested rehydration protocol. You will learn the leadership, coaching, and business-related skills needed to guide and support your clients in achieving their goals. Our chefs will teach you how to drastically improve your culinary skills with courses in plating, knife handling, food and flavor pairing, and much more. Additionally, attendees will receive three world class meals a day from our amazing chefs.

Different from our seminar setting, this certification gives you a chance to learn from and engage with experienced team members in a close, intimate environment. Seats are very limited as we want to provide those attending with as much one on one coaching to discuss theories in detail and ensure proficiency in the formulas and practical applications. This is a great opportunity to develop strong professional relationships with peers from across the world and the Lockhart and Leith team!

This certification will not only provide you a chance to engage with experienced members of the leading combat sports nutrition team, it will provide you a skillset you can apply to grow your personal business. You also will gain the support from the global Lockhart and Leith team as completing the WCS1 course gives you access to experienced mentors to help you through your future business endeavors.

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