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Tim Collins



Tim’s connection to nutrition and high-level training began at the age of 8 with a dream to become an Olympic athlete. He competed for 14 years as a swimmer; competing at some of the highest levels of competition in the sport. Tim was a State Champion, 14x High School All-American, Big East Conference Champion, 2x NCAA All-American, and an Olympic Trial Qualifier out of High School. While competing at the collegiate level, Tim completed his Bachelor of Science Degree with a Major in Health and Human Performance with a concentration in Exercise Science and a Minor in Nutrition.

After college Tim spent five years in the United States Marine Corps. As a Marine, Tim learned and sharpened his leadership, mentorship, and training skills while serving as the Officer in Charge of a Radio Reconnaissance training pipeline and while serving with Special Operations units deployed. Tim developed and supervised physical training plans and nutrition plans to fuel Marines through a grueling 8 week field training evolution. Additionally, he developed a Body Composition, or weight loss, program which was implemented to get Marines within regulation body composition standards.

Tim began working for Lockhart and Leith in February of 2018 after getting out of the Marine Corps. Since then he has worked with a long list of UFC and Bellator athletes as well as private clients. Tim recently worked with a private client, providing meal prep and personal training which resulted in a 20 pound weight loss in 21 days. Tim will complete his Master of Science in Nutrition and Clinical Nutrition Specialist requirements in 2019.


james lockwood

Chef and Holistic Nutrition Specialist

Originally from Phoenix, Arizona, James grew up in a highly competitive and athletic family where nutrition was a crucial aspect of day-to-day life. His grandparents owned an enormous farm in rural Iowa where he learned the importance of seasonal eating, hunting and gathering, and the lifestyle of eating healthy food to fuel his days.

In 2008 James decided he needed a change of scenery. Shortly thereafter, James sold his truck, his house, and most of his belongings and moved to a rural part of the Yucatan Peninsula where he began living in a treehouse in Tulum. Here he took a job managing a small boutique hotel that specialized in boot camps and yoga retreats. To stay fit James trained people in underwater activities, climbed palm trees, and spearfished. It was in Mexico were James’ passion for nutrition, wellness, and exercise was reignited. James was featured on the Travel Channel’s Bridget’s Sexiest Beaches as head trainer of “Bikini Boot Camp”, hosting celebrities such as Charlize Theron, Bridget Marquardt, and Demi Moore among several others.

After having a great deal of success hosting kitchen events and collaborating in restaurant openings and menu creation, James decided it was time to go back to school to study nutrition. James moved to The West Village of New York City to train, study and cook.

After school James started his own wellness retreat company in Costa Rica where he hosted clients for over a year. As a surfer, James was in heaven running his own business and surfing every day. During this time, he worked with several professional surfers, getting them ready for their upcoming major events. This led him to running retreats in Malibu full time where he was eventually featured in a local Malibu magazine.

In Malibu, James met Lockhart and Leith Head Chef Eric Triliegi. After an introduction with the Lockhart and Leith owners, James began working full time for the company and is back traveling the world cooking for professional athletes. In his off time, James never hesitates to head back home to his home in California and enjoy the swells and early morning surfing.

James has worked side-by-side with Iron Chef America winners Mark Tarbell and Beau McMillan. In 2013 James published a cookbook featuring meal plans, recipes, and a detox cleanse. James is only getting started!


ian larios


Ian is one of the youngest and most promising nutritionists in combat sports today. His journey began back to his early teenage years while living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Ian fell in love with combat sports, especially Mixed Martials Arts, around the same time he discovered a passion for nutrition and cooking.

Ian got his start with an opportunity to work alongside Miles Norris; the head chef at the famed Tiger Muay Thai in Phuket, Thailand. Four months and countless successful weight cuts later, a chance encounter with a fighter from Long Island (Andrew Leone, ONE Championship's top flyweight contender) opened another incredible door. Andrew offered Ian a position as the weight management coach at his new gym, which was opening in Bali, Indonesia.

Jumping at the opportunity to work with one of the best fight teams in Asia, Ian quickly moved into the fighter dormitory; often sleeping on the floor of the fighters he supported. Fast forward 2 years, Bali MMA is one of the top teams in Asia. With two #1 contenders in separate divisions, Gianni Subba along with Andrew Leone. Ian also helped coach Tiffany Van Soest, who won the inaugural glory kickboxing belt in Germany in 2016.

When Lockhart and Leith reached out to this young, talented, and passionate young star, Ian packed up his gear, said farewell to the beautiful Bali lifestyle, and flew back home to Reno, Nevada to pursue his dream of working with the one of the best teams in the business. Since then, Ian has worked with several current and former UFC champions including Daniel Cormier, Cody Garbrandt, Robbie Lawler, and Luke Rockhold. Working with fighters in over 17 different countries, Ian is perfectly suited to take his experience in nutrition and culinary creativity anywhere in the world.


Eric triliegi

Head Chef

Eric discovered his passion for cooking delicious food at the young age of 8 years old. While watching a cooking show, the “how cool would it be” thought popped into his head and he was determined to become the best chef he could be. At the same time as his passion was developing to become a great chef, Eric’s mother taught him the ins and out of selecting perfect produce as she had a passion in gardening.

Eric’s first job was as a line cook at a restaurant called the Governor’s Restaurant. While only 15 at the time of his application, too young to be a line cook, Eric found a way to get the job anyways and so began his pursuit of making amazing food.

At around 20 years old Eric found Jiu Jitsu. Soon after starting his Jiu Jitsu training Eric was enrolling in tournaments as much as he could. It was during these tournaments where Eric learned, firsthand, the importance and dangers associated with weight cuts. By this time Eric’s culinary skills were on point so he began cooking for people trying to get in better shape. As an athlete himself, he knew that building a better base in nutrition would elevate his already solid cooking game. Eric took his first nutrition course through the Cross Fit community given by Robb Wolf. Here, Eric was introduced to nutrition science as well as common dietary disorders such as leaky gut and metabolic syndrome.

It was not long after this course that Eric took his background and applied it to professional Mixed Martial Artists and Combat Sport athletes. Eric became a coach on The Ultimate Fighter; having been brought in by Miesha Tate to handle all of the cooking and weight cuts for that season. Eric supported two TUF champions; Carla Esparza and Chris Holdsworth. Eric also went on to support several athletes achieve their first world titles including Miesha Tate in Strike Force, and Anthony Pettis, TJ Dillashaw, and Carla Esparza in the UFC. He also was a member of the Tiffany Van Soest team as she won two world titles.

One day Eric saw a video of George Lockhart and immediately felt the desire to work for the Lockhart and Leith team. Eric reached out and within 30 days began traveling the world and applying his background and skills to elevate the Lockhart and Leith team. Since starting with Lockhart and Leith Eric has worked with a large portion of the UFC roster, including Conor McGregor, and even well-known celebrity, Demi Lovato.

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