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Weight Cut Certification

Learn a proven nutrition and weight management system—become a Weight Cut Specialist.

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Complete nutrition application solution for gym trainers and trainees, looking for an integrated solution from the Lockhart and Leith team


For the coaches, nutritionists, or personal trainers looking to drastically expand or create your own business, its time to separate yourself from the pack.

Nutrition Weight Cut Event

These events will provide you the behind the scenes information that is applied nearly every week leading up to professional competitions.


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Weight cut specialist level 1 (WCS1) certification

Weight cut specialist level 2 (WCS2) certification

Our Methodology

In a world where thousands of health coaches and businesses are available instantly, what separates you?

In a world where thousands of health coaches and businesses are available instantly, what separates you?

Our team travels worldwide holding workshops for those with nutrition and personal training backgrounds, as well as those looking to better understand nutrition and business concepts to apply to their own life endeavors. Like you, our team is passionate about positively impacting the quality of life for people around the world. Through these workshops we will pass to you the science, application, and coaching experience we have gained during our time working with professional athletes, celebrities and public figures, and goal driven people from across the world.

During these courses, we will cover everything from nutrition, water cuts, and rehydration to the leadership and coaching skills you will need to push your clients to reach their full potential!

These leadership skills, developed and tested amongst combat sport athletes and while working with Special Operations units and in combat zones deployed, combined with the business concepts that have made us successful, will help take your personal business to the next level!

We built these educational opportunities with two goals in mind
  • Empower others to succeed at the highest level in their personal businesses.
  • Promote safe practices in the unique weight cuts associated with weight-class specific sports.


Tristin Kennedy

Joey Villegas

Sam Alvey

Jimmy Johnson

Meet the team

Lockhart and Leith

George Lockhart
Co-founder and Nutritionist
Dan Leith
Co-founder and Nutritionist
Tony Metcalfe
Robi Ramey


Ian Larios
James Lockwood
Head Chef and Holistic Nutrition Specialist
John Poppie
Chef/Weight Cut Specialist
Declan Walsh
Nutrition Coach


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